"There he is! Look at him... that son of a bitch is coming!"
― Victor F. Grubbs  source
Victor Grubbs
Birthday 18 May 1920
Death day 13 March 1995
Adress 220 Littleneck Road Centerport, NY, 11721
Gender Male
Total hours for 27.3.1977 21,043
Total hours for 27.3.1977 on Boeing 747 564
Total hours for 27.3.1977 on last 30 days 54:43
Total hours for 27.3.1977 on last 24 hours 6:33
Last medical examination 23 March 1977
Last proficiency check 17 January 1977
Certificates and ratings ATP No. 1581349, 747 and 707 rating

Victor Franklin Grubbs (b. 18 May 1920, d. 13 Mar 1995) was an American captain of Boeing 747 aircrafts. On 27 March 1977, when the Tenerife airport disaster occured, Victor Grubbs was the captain on board the Pan Am Flight 1736 747.


Victor Grubbs (second from the left side) in his young years


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